Flower Power- Find peace and love by refreshing yourself with the aromas of hibiscus, honey suckle and rose accompanied with intoxicating sensations of cactus and dragon fruit.

Nectaris- Oh sweet nectar of the gods! Find bliss with this exotic fruit blend colliding with invigorating aloe and mint. Immortality is only a breath away.

BC Breeze- Orchard fruits from the Okanagan valley and California oranges are always in season! Zesty citrus on the inhale while the exhale is reminiscent of a summer breeze infused with ripe apples and berries.

Inverness- Sit by the fire in your favourite chair and grab this mix of smoky oak single malt scotch with decadent vanilla with notes of nuts and butterscotch.

Double D's- The inhale is fresh cucumber while the exhales carries luscious melon accents. She’s a beauty!

Sheild- Inspired by the Canadian wilderness, this flavour conjures the natural beauty of the Canadian shield, including the region’s native berries. The inhale is so reminiscent of a forest environment that each taste is a palpable experience like being in the great outdoors.

Quad Shot- Decadent salted caramel macchiato made just for you using fresh coffee beans and of course, four generous pumps of delicious caramel at no extra cost.

Asana- Pursue café beverage nirvana with this delightful spiced vanilla bean latte blend accented with a touch of cinnamon and cloves.

The One Ring- Classic fruit cereal joined by a fellowship of coconuts and cream. This one won’t take three movies to finish.

Berry Berry Good– A medley of dark berries, featuring black currant, Saskatoon berry and others.