Solis - Is a tropical blend of Pineapple, Papaya and a fresh Strawberries. This flavour will bring you right back to your favorite tropical destination.

Solis Shade - Is a tropical blend of Pineapple, Papaya and fresh Strawberries, Blended together with an Extreme icy mix. This Flavor will be sure to bring you back to your favorite chilled getaway!   

C-Real -  The captains crunchy berries swimming in milk

Ringz - Your favorite fruit cereal in a sugary bowl of 2%

Charmz - That lucky marshmallow breakfast treat, most of us still eat

Vacay - Tangy blueberry watermelon slushy *Available in SHADE (menthol)*

West Toast - Thick cut french toast with melted butter and maple syrup

The Bacco - A tobacco blend with subtle undertones of vanilla and chocolate

The Bacco Shade - That same great tobacco blend with a touch of menthol

Primal Grape - That grape cigarillo that we used to love

Primal Peach - Much like the grape but far more peach flavor on the tip

Primal Vanilla - Those vanilla flavored cigarillos we always tried switching to

Wake - Caramel Vanilla Cappuccino