• $29.99

Sucker Punch - A sour apple watermelon hard candy that packs a punch 70VG/30PG 

Tropical Storm - A clean delicious blend of all your favorite tropical fruits 75VG/25PG

Blue Addiction - A tangy blue raspberry lollipop 70VG/30PG

Triple Threat- A mouthwatering creamy blueberry strawberry vanilla 75VG/25PG

Outlaw Reloaded - A mouthwatering hazelnut ice cream cheesecake 75V5/25PG

Strawberry Limesaver - 2 delicious sweet strawberries blended into a tangy lime candy 75VG/25PG

Angel- Devilishly tasty angel food cake and sinfully good icing.

Winner of the 2017 CVE Toronto Best in Show!

Max VG 60ml