True Northern Salts

  • $19.99

JūST | Mango Salt Nic

Imagine biting into a freshly cut mango and getting all the sweet pulpy notes of the fruit. The goal of this E-liquid was to evoke a full-bodied mango taste that is balanced and layered.

JūST | Strawberry Salt Nic-

Finally, a truly realistic fruit strawberry that needs to be tried for you to believe. This fleshed out flavour starts with the taste of the seeds and strawberry skin on the inhale and then finishes with the core of the fruit on the exhale.

True Northern Nectaris Salt Nic-

Our best-selling E-Liquid is also the most balanced in the lineup. The fresh, harmonious tropical blend is satisfying for all palates.

  • Sucralose-Free: Helps make the coils last longer.

True Northern Shield Salt Nic-

This distinctive E-Liquid is well-known for its natural taste and cleansing finish. A must try for the customer whom are looking for something off the beaten path.

  • Sucralose-Free: Helps make the coils last longer.