• $29.99

Frozen Ophelia- Cactus, mango, strawberry & a hint of kiwi topped off with VanGo's proprietary cooling blend.

Frozen Waterberry- A cool, delicious trio of Watermelon, Strawberry & Kiwi frozen to perfection.  

Cactus Jango- A rich, tropical medley of jackfruit & mango with hints of lychee, strawberry & cactus fruit.

Strawlen- A sweet, fruity blend of watermelon, strawberry and kiwi with a hint of blackberry & saskatoon berry.

Fruity Blast- A delicious & juicy medley of Watermelon, Kiwi, Strawberry and Blueberry.  

Banana Cannon - Flaky dough, rich & creamy banana, and a light flavor of chopped pistachios.

The Cust- Rich, creamy, sweet and a little bit of vanilla makes it perfect.

VCT- Our award winning flavor which is a combination of fresh & mild tobaccos with a sweet & rich vanilla custard.

The Root- beautifully balanced flavor that preserves the earthy authenticity of Root Beer yet is also enjoyable to vape all-day-long. And yes, we're pretty proud of it!